Let’s Hang Out Again!

The Re-Skilling Fair session on Feb 5 about using a clothesline was a big success. I offered tips & technology of line drying and had about 20 attenders. We started off completing the sentence, “When it comes to laundry, what I always wanted to know was…” (Many people were concerned about clothing being “stiff” when dry. FYI, as soon as you fold, 90% of that “stiffness” disappears. Can also use baking soda in your detergent for softness or put a cup of white vinegar in your rinse water.)

Next, I talked for awhile about things I’ve learned about line drying, where to place a clothesline, types of line, types of clothespins, gave a plug for local hardware stores rather than online buying, talked about natural soaps, drying racks, drying time, energy saved, etc.

Then everyone hung up my wet laundry on a line I’d rigged up inside! Once all the clothes were hung, everyone offered suggestions and ideas about efficient ways to hang each item to get them to dry well.

Lastly, everyone drew a slip of paper with a suggestion for more sustainable laundering, paired up with a partner, and discussed the feasibility of implementing that suggestion into their own lives.

Sound fun? Well, I’m doing this workshop again at the Rudolf Steiner High School on Wednesday March 2 at 7pm. RSHS is at 2800 Pontiac Trail in Ann Arbor. This time, we’ll also make some natural powdered laundry soap to take home.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here:


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Seeking a resilient, connected, sustainable community and personal life thru gardening, community building, biking, strength, love, Transition Towns, singing, and public service.
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