Sustainability Film Series

We who are interested in re-localization and sustainability have been attending a monthly film series co-sponsored by Transition Ypsi / Sustainable Ypsi, Growing Hope, and the Ypsilanti Food Co-op. It’s happening on the first Thursday of every month, immediately following the 6:00pm monthly Community Potluck that happens at the Growing Hope Center, 922 W Michigan Avenue. The film starts at about 7:30pm.

So far, we have screened a number of great films:
The Power of Community in December 2010
No Impact Man in January 2011
The Garden in February 2011
The Economics of Happiness in March 2011
FRESH in April 2011
Grown in Detroit in May 2011
Truck Farm in June 2011
A Farm for the Future in July 2011

The selection for August will be Urban Roots.
More on the film Urban Roots.

Join us! In this potluck setting, no only can we share food and build community by meeting and talking to each other, but we have a chance to discuss the issues raised in each film and how they apply to our own lives.


About deendeens

Seeking a resilient, connected, sustainable community and personal life thru gardening, community building, biking, strength, love, Transition Towns, singing, and public service.
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