Climate Action Plan for Ypsilanti

I was interviewed a month or so ago by Valerie of the Michigan Suburbs Alliance.  It seems her organization will be helping Ypsilanti to achieve a community-based climate action plan — something that is the goal of all Transition Initiatives.  

(Often called an EDAP or Energy Descent Action Plan, here’s a detailed discussion of climate action planning in a UK municipal setting.)

It’s tremendously exciting that this planning is being undertaken by our city!  I hope everyone interested in a sustainable future will come out to add to the discussion.  It remains to be seen how comprehensive this planning will be — fingers crossed!

Here’s the call from the Michigan Suburbs Alliance:

Ypsi Residents: Help Your City Go Green!
The City of Ypsilanti is creating a climate action plan, working with residents to prevent climate change, improve your quality of life and become a green leader in the region. We’re partnering with citizens and organizations who are already working on climate issues and want to make a difference in Ypsilanti.

How can you get involved?
Join us for our first community taskforce meeting! We’ll shape the climate action planning process by creating community goals and setting guidelines for the process in Ypsilanti. Everyone is welcome, so invite friends, family and neighbors.

Can’t make it to the meeting? That’s okay! Join the discussion online by sharing your own ideas and responding to proposed strategies at

For more information, check out these sites:
Michigan Suburbs Alliance:
Michigan’s Climate Action Plan:,1607,7-135-50990-213752–,00.html

Be there or be square!


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