Sustainability Film Series Update

The Sustainability Film Series continues to grow and change. The collaboration between the Ypsilanti Food Co-op, Transition Ypsi, and Growing Hope remains strong and in December, we will add another partner, the Ypsilanti District Library, Michigan Avenue branch. Showing films at the downtown public library will bring our message to a more diverse group of residents, we hope.

In November, while we are working out the details for our move to the library, we will show our film at the Ypsi Senior Center, a regular venue. It’s located at 1015 North Congress Street in Ypsilanti. The Growing Hope monthly potluck will take place at 6pm and be followed by the film at 7:00pm. The film series & potluck will take place on Friday, November 4, 2011. This is a change from the regular first Thursday time slot. The film series will continue to be show on Fridays to facilitate our collaboration with the YDL.

Hope to see you there on Friday 11/4 for “In Transition.” RSVP for the film here. ¬†About the film: Transition Initiatives are blossoming around the world as a grassroots response to climate change, economic instability and peak oil production. These initiatives, or “Transition Towns,” are responding creatively and proactively on the local level with what we as people can do change our lives. “In Transition” was compiled from footage sent in from Transition Initiatives worldwide, imagining a future world not dependent on a fossil fuel economy, and figuring out how to get there from here.


About deendeens

Seeking a resilient, connected, sustainable community and personal life thru gardening, community building, biking, strength, love, Transition Towns, singing, and public service.
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