Lovely Rocket Stove Hearth

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Found this lovely rocket stove adaptation through the forums at  I believe the burn chamber in this picture is below the cooking pots.  Behind the hearth, you can see the warming bench.  The exhaust pipes are located within the bench and warm the thermal mass that comprises the bench.  My understanding is that you could heat a space like this with less than a cord of wood per winter using a rocket stove like this one.  Fantastic.

Much more about rocket stoves here:

The local expert around here on rocket stoves is Nate Ayres at


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2 Responses to Lovely Rocket Stove Hearth

  1. Emily says:

    That is just gorgeous! Do you know if rocket stoves are “up to code”?

  2. Lisa Bashert says:

    I don’t know the rules in Michigan, Emily. I will check that out — maybe my friend Amy knows…

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