Abundant Michigan / Permaculture Ypsi

We are beginning to formulate our work/share/gift/labor/timebanking/groups. I speak of the ‘functional guilds’ we are forming. They can be found on the Abundant Michigan/Permaculture Ypsi Facebook group as well as on Google Drive.  
The purpose of the guilds is very important.  We can really begin to over-produce in the short term (abundance), and establish perennial regenerative systems in the long term (abundance).
We’re building guilds in the following areas:  
  • Growers and Gardeners Guild
  • Water Systems Abundance Guild 
  • Food/Drink Storage, Preservation, and Cooking Guild
  • Animal Husbandry, Ethical Butchering, and Meat/Egg Products Guild
  • Builders, Tools, and Riggers Guild
  • Materials, Medicines, and Crafting Guild
  • Energy, Fuel, and Timber Guild; 
  • Economic Abundance, Grants, and Creative Funding Guild;
  • Fungi Guild; and the 
  • Marketing, Social Activities (city repair, gatherings, arts, music), and Public Relations Guild.   
Your commitment is determined by you and your guild members. No need to slave away for hours and hours if you do not have the time. Give what you can. Work is shared, and that helps a lot.  We have between 6-20 members in each guild so far.  All practicing for the permaculture-based forest economy of the future in our Great Lakes area.


Should we wait for calamity before we establish functional relationships of local supply lines?  Shouldn’t ‘wise’ humans (homo sapiens) begin to localize our access to fresh water, nutrient dense food, and meaningful work in a permanently established way?  How long will functional ‘abundance’ take to achieve? 

These functional guilds are beginning to work cooperatively NOW towards abundance in food, water, materials, and lowered bills. 

Questions regarding time commitments, resource gathering, numbers for production, creative funding, and communication will be discussed by participating members at our monthly meetings and at guild meetings.  Join us on the first Monday of each month at the Growing Hope Center, 922 W Michigan in Ypsilanti, from 6-8pm.  Suggested donation of $10 or equivalency (work, goods, services, time) towards our efforts at the meetings.  There will be a short-ish video clip that will hopefully provide us an inspirational model of actual abundance. 

In other Ypsi Sustainability News:  

  • The Sustainability Film Series is ongoing at the downtown Ypsi Library on the second Friday of each month.  Upcoming will be Power of Community; Homeland; Urban Roots; and Patagonia Rising, films chosen in collaboration with the Theme Semester at UM, “Understanding Race,” and co-sponsored by The Ypsilanti Food Co-op, Growing Hope, Transition Ypsi, and the YDL-Michigan Avenue.  
  • The Ypsilanti Tree Nursery will be planting 500 young trees on the Water Street property in the downtown.  
  • Sepp Holzer will return to Michigan on April 2-4 2013 and help us build a Kratergarten in Ypsilanti.  This is a followup to his trip to Detroit in 2012.  For more info, contact Nate at Chiwara Permaculture

About deendeens

Seeking a resilient, connected, sustainable community and personal life thru gardening, community building, biking, strength, love, Transition Towns, singing, and public service.
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One Response to Abundant Michigan / Permaculture Ypsi

  1. David Leo Rice says:

    Neophyte with some land in Mt. Pleasant looking for permaculturist in the area to share ideas etc. willing to share land and provide wate and storage area for tools etc.
    David 989-317-0448

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