Sustainable happenings in Ypsi

This summer, the theme of the Ypsi District Library is “DIY @ YDL” and includes many opportunities to pick up some (re-)skills.  I’ll be doing a session on darning — a simple way to maintain & repair socks.  Carefully selecting, limiting, and maintaining our clothing is a simple way of choosing justice & sustainability over consumerism.  This eye-opening segment from NPR on what really happens to our donated clothing made me think.  (85 percent of all the clothing sold each year ends up in landfills.)  Learn to darn on Thurs, 8/15 7pm at the downtown library.

Water Street Commons is the name being used for the one-acre parcel on Michigan Avenue that was “seed-bombed” in the spring.  This little “park” was the site of the  Image

second Annual May Day gathering.  Volunteer care has been lavished on the site in the form of path-building, public art, bench building, and weeding.  With all the spring rains, we hope to see many of those wildflower seed-bombs springing into bloom soon.

Ypsi Growers Coop is a group whose mission is to grow and sell healthy food using organic methods in and around the urban heart of Ypsilanti.  In the process, we hope to achieve the goals of shared labor and support, self-empowerment, and sustainable business by building a resilient community food system and a deeper connection with the land.

Here’s a link to the YGC application with a bit more info.

AMPY (Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsi) continues STRONG.  Meetings take place at the Gilbert Residence on South Huron each first Monday of the month (tonight).  Guilds are being formed for people interested in the following areas of local resilience: Water Systems Abundance; Growers and Gardeners; Preservation, Cooking, and Food/Drink Storage; Animal Husbandry, Ethical Butchering, and Meat/Egg Products; Builders, Tools, and Riggers; Materials, Medicines, and Crafting; Energy, Fuel, and Timber; Economic Abundance, Grants, and Creative Funding; Marketing, Social Activities (city repair, gatherings, arts, music), and Public Relations; and Permaculture/Whole Systems Designers.

In addition to Guild Formation, AMPY members are participating in Community Restoration days on the first 3 Saturdays of each month (including shared work at member sites); building a shared Free Apothecary; planting food-bearing trees and a food forest on land at Dawn Farm; and much much more.



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Seeking a resilient, connected, sustainable community and personal life thru gardening, community building, biking, strength, love, Transition Towns, singing, and public service.
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