At this moment, Lisa Bashert is editing this blog.  Previously, Sustainable Ypsi had its own domain name and concentrated links from projects related to sustainability on that page.  That content has been moved to Arborwiki–please add your projects to this central hub!

Sustainable Ypsi is an idea about building a resilient, sustainable Ypsilanti by any model necessary — through Transition Towns, through community building, through neighborliness, through permaculture, through crop mobs, through re-skilling, through DIY projects, through nonprofit organizations and co-ops, through re-localization, through neighborhood associations, through local government, through art, through music, through solar energy, through copying the past, through imagining the future…


2 Responses to About

  1. Jesse VW says:

    Hi Lisa, it seems there are some exciting things happening in Ypsi! I saw some permaculture related pieces in your blog and want to let you know of our new site Permaculturehub.

    We’ve recently developed a new website aiming to connect the dots and facilitate the growth of the already sizable permaculture community – http://www.permaculturehub.com. Feedback has been fantastic as we have started to link up local Guilds, inform people about Convergences and grow the national permaculture network. We’re just beginning to engage individuals and organizations across the US and we’d love to connect with this group and any permaculture people here to strengthen the community and grow your work.

    If this seems like it might be something of interest to you and/or others you know please check us out. Follow or copy this link into your browser to begin. Feel free to pass the link on to other permaculture people that you know also.

    Please send me an email if you would like more details.



  2. Christine Forton says:

    Hello Lisa,
    My Name is Chistine Forton I am working with ReLeaf Michigan, Inc. and the City of Ypsilanti to create an Urban Tree Nursery. The purpose of the nursery is to allow Ypsilanti to be self sustaing in replacing trees through out the community, both parks and residential streets. We are looking for Volunteers to help with tree plantings and maintenence of the nursery. The nursery will be located at Water Street park. Dates have not yet been established, as this is in its very early stages. I would be interested in providing more information if you feel your members would be interested in donating some time and knowledge to our project.
    My email address is forton5@comcast.net, please email me back if you feel this is something that would fit your members.

    Thank you

    Christine Forton

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